This episode jumped into the future one or two years. Now Chizuko has spent 2years with 20’s crew and is soon turning 13.

The episode starts off with a scene that has nothing to do with whats gonna happen in the episode. Two guards outside this gate are talking about 20. Chizuko, in her arab looking clothes offers pears to the guards. The guards take a bite out of the pears, drugged pears. Then Chizuko says ‘I am one of Twenty’s faces.’

20 and his crew are in a town called Toran(UK), where there is a museum with artifacts. What 20 is stealing this time round is ‘The Clock of Three Magi.’ Currently, the town is celebrating its 300th anniversary and to kick off these celebrations, 20 and his crew are the circus on show! The first show starts off, with clowns doing stupid things…as they should be. In particular, Ken throwing his darts towards a femininely dressed Hans. Chizuko is the tightrope girl. Twenty with his magic!

The next day, Chizuko subtly examines the museum. Location of stairs, rooms, guards etc. While she looks at the ‘The Clock of Three Magi,’ the daughter of the museum’s owner talks to Chizuko. Her name is Angie. Angie is fascinated about Chizuko’s tightrope skills. They decide to be friends. Now, what i don’t get is Angie telling her about how she can get Chizuko into the museum for free and without being noticed.

Some suspicious things. A man reading newspaper looking at Chizuko as she walks past him.

Between days and whatever, Chizuko has always been making food. Everyone loves the food, like always. Nothing special really. They have become accustomed to her cooking. During one dinner, Chizuko reveals the building plan of the museum to Twenty, and she also reveals that she may not be able to do the job this time round, due to making friends with Angie.

Next day, Chizuko goes back to museum to see Angie. Angie shows her the back entrance…which isn’t locked…what kind of museum is that! Inside the museum, Angie wants to find out how to do the flips Chizuko did on the tightrope. Despite Chizuko not tell her how to, Angie shows off a magic trick, and fails. Chizuko also shows off her magic tricks with the balls Angie has.

Ken is wondering around town. He knows he is being followed, so he leads the pursuer into a dead end. Ken comes from above and puts his knife against the pursuer’s throat. And then we see, Tiger, who we haven’t seen for ages swoop in and does some nasty scratches on Ken’s face. Boo!

Now the crew are aware that Tiger is back! Ken is resting, as most of the crew advise him to. He is unable to perform that night, which was the night they were stealing the clock, the last night they would be in town. Anyway the show is going on. When Chizuko and 20 finish their act, they rush off to meet up with Muta and another member to steal the clock. Chizuko shows the way in via the back. Muta and the other guy tie up the clock with rope and cloth. Chizuko comes from above, feeds a line to them so that their ship can haul the clock away. W

When the circus show finished, fireworks were on display. So was 20’s ship and how it was above the museum and was stealing something. Everyone’s on the ship now, except Skipper since he closed the show. Anyway, they escape and on the stairs of the museum, sit Angie..and she looks evil!