This episode jumps one year later Chizuko joins 20 and his crew. First starts off showing the progress of Chizuko. She throws a dagger right at the middle of a target blindfolded. Like always, she’s been doing the housework, but on top of that, the crew have taught her various things, which are supposed to help her become a thief. Fighting, Climbing Walls, Unlocking Safes,German?!? I’m assuming they are in Germany now. Chizuko’s skill and talent have even surpassed some of the crew.

At dinner that night, the crew are talking about how far Chizuko has come from. They also comment on the way she’s becoming more like 20. Saying stuff he would say ‘There more than one way to skin a cat.’ She even thinks like 20 now…but that can be see later.

There’s a scene back in Japan, where the detective hired needs more money. Chizuko’s aunt, who I will name Mikamo now is very suspicious. She’s doing work with Kurosaki the attorney, and has poisoned Chizuko’s uncle. Obviously Mikamo wants all the money now. GREED!

We’re back to the supposed Germany, Ken and Kai check out where their next heist is, getting information before risking the crew’s life. 20 and crew have a meeting to decide who’s going on. They have a plan but no one really suits it..however Ken enthusiastically volunteers Chizuko. Skipper however disagrees but the girl herself takes on the challege. This time, they are stealing ‘Lorlei’s Tear’ which is a huge sapphire that used to be on this monument that people stare at…they’re putting it back of course.

Also during the meeting, Chizuko dubs herself ‘Twenty Faces’ daughter.’

Ok now we’re onto watching the heist unfold. Chizuko, who has been disguised with blond hair and eye colour change…don’t ask me how that works but she walks towards the elevator, with 5 guards behind her with a suitcase connected to one of the guards arm. 3 of the guards with the case enter with Chizuko, and they go up. At the pre determined time of 6:05, one of the crew causes a blackout building wide. Chizuko starts her magic, somehow got the suitcase which was chained to one of the guards of and escapes via the top of the elevator cart thing. Soon after the guards chase after her, but sh’e already up on the wall ladder, trying to get to the top, where she will be taken away. Unlucky for our hero, the electricity is back on and the elevators start moving. This causes trouble for Chizuko as she needs to take another route.

Enlarge for extra detail ^^!

Anyway, Chizuko runs for a bit. The guards get a bit smart and try to block her off from top and bottom. ‘Pincer’ style. Two guards trap her in the emergency staircase but Chizuko and her expertise at fighting against people, shes uses advice against the guards. ‘You need to slam into them as hard as you can and run away.’ She knee kicks one of the guards and run downwards. ‘You don’t throw someone with your own power, use your opponent’s power against them.’ She then throws the pursuing guard down the stairs, and i guess break his back.. She then runs back into the building to get an elevator back up, only to meet another guard, but she totally owns him by kicking him in the groin.

Meanwhile, the rest of the crew are creating diversions. Skipper and someone were fighting infront of the elevators and threaten guards as they wanted to go up, but they ended up taking the stairs…how stupid. Then someguy,forgot his name has a bouquet of flowers and asks them if they like it. More stupid diversions. Anyway, the guards end up getting no where.

She’s at the top floor and tries to find her way out, but gets caught by 3 guards. She’s chased into a dead end, so she needs to hide the ssuitcase, which conveniently has the sapphire. The guards trap her , open the case, but Chizuko says its getting away in a car. Two of the guards retreat whilst one has their gun pointed at Chizuko.

Soon, the guard with the gun is actually 20, and Chizuko knew that. They retrieve the sapphire, that was placed in some light in the ceiling by Chizuko and then they get away via their plane or double dirigible. They return the sapphire to its original place.

The episode, is like last times one, but better because we have Chizuko in action! Seems the next few episode will be like this. T_T Let’s hope for more information about her real family etc.