Nothing really happened this episode. Just a little insight into the enemy’s power.Currently, Team Kakashi and Sora are stuck in an earth labyrinths created by one of the enemies. They somehow all got split up and they verse their respective opponents.



Naruto’s opponent is able to use all 5 chakra elements, and she has this ‘kiss of death, ’ as the name suggestions, will kill if it touches. Scares the crap out of Naruto and it reminds him of his first kiss with Sasuke.

Sai’s opponent is the mastermind behind the labyrinth as she made the blueprint. She is able to manipulate the blueprint and create more traps.

Yamato’s opponent uses earth and ice element. Yamato isn’t able to do anything against him. Luckily the guy didn’t check that Yamato was killed.

Then you have Sakura, who hasn’t done much but wonder around trying to find people.

Sora also has been wondering around but meets the leader of the group taking the corpses.

Nothing much in Naruto as usual. More flashy moves. wee Fillers atm, so what else can i say.