Episode 3 did not reveal anything I wanted to know. There’s progress on what Chizuko’s aunty and uncle are going to do. They just hired a private investigator to find Chizuko. There’s also a character that made a debut..she looks like Chizuko..might be her mum. It was just another episode of getting treasure with Chizuko doing some dirty work.

The episode started off with words of wisdom from 20(look,hear, think for yourself) and Chizuko saying おじさんのようになりたい..or wants to be like him. Then the scene shifts to a two story house which is built in an L shape, on the coast of France. Chizuko is busily doing lots of housework, such as sewing, cooking, cleaning etc. She was so willing to do sewing, the guys started taking their shirts off infront of the poor girl to allow her to fix rips and tears. That scene was just weird. Meanwhile, 20 is looking at a plane blueprint. It has significance later in the episode. She makes seaweed onigiri for the trip, others taste test and think its delicious =o. Muda is busy preparing the ute for something…

News of 20 stealing crowns and jewelry from this French castle hits Japan. This is where we see the hired detective..steal cigars. I’m sure he’s a good detective. Anyway, seems that 20 has already stolen the stuff from the castle. Scene shifts to a church where 20 has returned all the items.

Next day, the crew are at a port ready to meet navy crew to take them down to a sunken plane. 20 vaguely reveals why people can’t catch him. He alludes his explanation to water. Saying how there is a fourth form of water that people don’t know of. We only know them as Steam, Water and Ice. Anyway submarine arrives to take the crew underwater. Before they enter, the navy crew check 20’s crew for guns, weapons. Funny how they just assumed Chizuko as some innocent girl. She’s holding a basket full of onigiri…im sure there’s something at the bottom of the basket! Anyway they get in the submarine.

On the way down, Chizuko offers all the food to the crew and has a look at whats at the bottom of the see..the plane! There are very subtle signs of suspicious activies, such as the suspicious guy spying on 20’s crew…WHen the submarine arrived close enough to the sunken plane, Skipper goes scuba diving for something. He comes back with many goldbars. Everyone’s happy but the navy crew hold them by gunpoint..like always. Pretty obvious it was gonna happen.

This time, i was pretty sure they had no way out. But seems I was wrong. An explosion from where they anchored took place, shaking the submarine like crazy. Then 20’s crew jumped on the navy crew, since they had lost their balance..noobs. And then the captain of the ship was pissed off because he didn’t thoroughly suspect Chizuko. The bombs being in the basket.. yes. Anyway Win win situation for both navy and 20’s crew. Both got gold bars despite betrayal.

I thought there was gonna be more revealed about Chizuko T_T Must watch next episode to find out!