Episode 7 is the start of the main plot storyline(seems like it because we’re getting a proper enemy now). Maka and Soul are on an ‘extra curricular’ lesson to Italy, but their intent is to kill the Murderer of Emerald Lake, Sonson J. Meanwhile, the main enemy is introduced. Medusa, a witch who has powers…which are unknown of expect that she is able to form in-human weapons. Since in the Soul Eater world. There are partnerships. These are between Weapon Meisters, the ones that use weapons and the Weapons themselves. Chrona, boy who definitely looks like a girl is one of those in-human weapons. Her demonsword partner Ragnarok is part of her… I’m not sure how to says this but you get the idea. I found it cute when Ragnarok plays around with Chrona before they fight Maka and Soul.

Maka and Soul fulfill their original mission and have their 3rd soul…yay 97 more to go >_> Chrona and Ragnarok probably got 20 human souls, CHEAP! Old partners, Death Scythe and Stein talking about Maka’s Death Scythe’s marriage/divorce. Stein’s joke about switching Death Scythe’s toes was hilarious. Maka felt soul waves and basically was bugged by the number of human souls around a weapon and meister soul. So Maka and Soul check that out. That’s when they meet Chrona and Ragnarok. They fight a bit. Maka realising she and Soul can’t do damage on Chrona. Their attempt at slicing Chrona in half failed when Chrona withstood the cut, leaking with black blood. since Chrona has black blood..not human of course 🙂 This causes our heroes to retreat like crazy. Soul takes substantial damage when Maka uses him to guard. After that, Maka tries so hard to dodge until she is pushed up against doors, which only open inward…why didn’t she listen…Chrona said the doors opened inward THREE TIMES T_T. Now we’re left with a cliff hanger. Soul taking the punch from Ragnarok, saving Maka. Maka’s not gonna die..that’s for sure

Next episode seems promising. Get to see Stein and i think Death Scythe in action. I look forward to the next episode.