The long awaited Indiana Jones at last 🙂 Only just came out in movies yesterday..and i had the privilege to watch it at the first screening at Parramatta’s Greater Union. Prior to this, I had watched the other Indiana Jones films, the Last Crusade being the only one I remember most about. Other than that, it was really just a new adventure to me.

I won’t be talking about the plot because I didn’t really get much of it. The movie is just about this crystal skulls and how it needs to be returned to some place in Africa. South America. The skull is pretty mysterious as it isn’t an ordinary human skull. The Russians are after the skull as well and use Indian Jones most of the time to get what they need.

Here’s a sneak peak/trailer

Anyway my thoughts on the film. I think the story was really far fetched. I thought Indiana Jones was about old stuff, archeology and then you see aliens and UFO…I think that was really the main let down of the movie.

Harrison Ford played his role as usual, despite not being Indy for 15years or so. Cate Blanchett could’ve looked a bit more believable. I knew it was her straight away when i saw the face but the hair didn’t really suit her. It looked like a wig to me. She did a good job with her russian accent but according to some people, her voice nearly degraded to the Aussie Bogan voice. I didn’t really notice it.Shia Labeouf, who plays Indy’s son was ok in his role. He wasn’t outstanding.

Music. I didn’t really pay attention to the music but let’s say it was pretty good since I had no problems with it.

Humour was evident throughout the film, like in any Indiana Jones movie. Humour in the ‘dry sand’ scene. Funny. Most memorable humour was when Oxely was mummuring some words about ‘Three drops.’ It was hilarious because they were on their aquaduck and had to go down three waterfalls.Each time they went down one, they would nearly be splashed away…until the last one where they just…fell out really.

Fight Scenes…the bush car chasing scene was cool. Humorous and thrilling. The crystal skull went out and in of people’s possession many times. Sword fighting on two moving cars. I don’t know how Mutt was able to fend off Irina(Cate Blanchett) when he had his two legs split between the cars with trees and bushes crashing into his nether region like 6times. Great laugh but was really computer animated…i thought.

Overall, the movie was ok. The things that kept the movie going was humour and action/fight scenes. I seriously thought the story and just the crystal skull idea was bad.