Well, i missed last bit of the daily show but i’ll run down what’s been happening. Brigitte is still isolating herself from other housemates. Some housemates want to resolve their relationship with her. Dixie already has, admitting all the crap she said about her. I hope Brigitte does something about it.

Laundry lady Dixie cheaped out on her job when Nathan volunteered to do some laundry. Dixie kinda complained about laundrying, saying how it hurts her back. It’s a painful job 🙂 Both of them got busted! Dixie was to clean the pillow sheets and bed sheets while Nathan cheering her on. I thought it was an ok punishment. Whilst they were doing their punishment, Nobbi comes along and cheers Dixie on as well, even in Japanese.

Scout Nobbi

Anyway i missed most of Friday Night Live since i went out to eat. Tonight’s theme was Scouts! The activities tonight were based on activities the Scouts do. Since I didn’t know what they did, here it is straight from their website

Round 1

Round 1

This week’s Friday Night Live is underway.

Nathan and Rory are the captains of the two teams competing in round one. Each team has to use one plank of wood over a line of stones to get to the end of the course, all the while chanting their team word, which is ‘dib’ or ‘dob’. It’s a close finish, and BB needs to review a replay to decide the winner. “It appears the result’s too close to call,” says BB, who then instructs the two teams to a ‘rock off’ to decide who goes through to round two. Rory’s team wins to advance to the next round.’ http://www.bigbrother.com.au/4758.htm

Round 2

Second Chance

Nathan’s team get a second chance to compete in round two.

The team has to hang onto an overhead bar for as long as they can. Travis is the first to fall. “I can’t. I’m so weak,” says Brigitte, who falls shortly after Travis. The rest of the team falls, leaving Nobbi and Renee the last on the bar. The pair move into round two. In the holding room Renee quizzes Nathan, to find out if he sacrificed his spot on purpose. He says no, but Renee says, “I don’t believe you.” It’s time for round two and the HMs are split into two teams. Each HM has two put their head in a box of gross stuff for 30 seconds to get a point for their team. Rory’s up first and puts his head in a box of flying cockroaches. “Woo. Let’s go!,” says Rory, getting pumped after scoring one point. Nobbi’s next and puts his head in a box of crickets. Dixie faces cockroaches and decides to do it and just shut her eyes. Dixie stamps her feet up and down while in the box, but manages to make it to 30 seconds. Bianca’s last up, and is scared about the challenge. “Easy. Mind over matter,” encourages Rory. Luckily for Bianca, her box is filled with fake snakes and she takes a point for her team.’



The next team competes in round two.

Alice goes first, sticking her head in a box full of giant cockroaches. She easily scores a point for her team, as does David, who has to face a box of crickets. Terri takes box number three, which BB describes as a ‘creepy crawly combo’. “Tezza, Tezza, Tezza,” chants her team. Terri takes a point, as does Renee who had a box of rubber snakes. It results in a draw between the two teams, meaning they have to move onto an eating challenge. Rory and Alice will compete on behalf of their teams. They have to eat a lolly ‘Killer Python’, and Alice finishes hers first, moving her team to round three. “You were beaten by a girl,” says David to Rory.’



came back just in time for Round 3

Camp Chaos

Round 3 was ‘Camp Chaos’. The teams being David and Renee vs Alice and Terri. David and Renee went first. Basically, the teams needed to erect a tent and get in it to stop the time. With FNL flair, the big fan was there to complicate things. Renee and David were off, building their tent..failing miserably too! Big Brother, being so impatient, decided to stop the time. They failed! Alice and Terri’s turn. They weren’t much better…though their technique was much easier. The fan was the whole novelty and it kinda took out the carmeraninja at one point. Anyway, in the end they failed as well so there was a tie breaker again.

This tie breaker tasked involved one member of each team to take part in a paper aeroplane competition. I haven’t been in one for ages! It was Alice vs David. They each got their pieces of paper and folded away. David had intricate folding techniques which involved ripping. Alice is awesome, she goes plain and no fail style! Once they had finished, they lined up at the mat to throw their planes towards the fan..but of course the fan was on ^^! Funny! Alice, like the smart person she is threw hers as low as possible, and it ended up 2metres away from the fan. The fan is pretty big by the way. David kinda cheated and ‘screwed your aeroplane’ (BB) and attempted to chuck it further but failed miserably. Alice and Terri moved onto the next round!

What\'s in the box?


The last round was ‘What’s in the Box?’ Alice and Terri had to guess what the item was in the box. The item was stolen from the house by a ninja. This item was the hubcap from the kombi van. Taking turns, they asked questions that BB would ask yes or no to. The person who guesses the item wins FNL and the other person gets slimed, but if they guess wrong, they get slimed. Alice was first to go and she asked if it was in the house…and yay she established the item was in the backyard. Then Terri..she asked the most stupid questions. ‘Is it round and blue?’ ‘you are asking two questions’ ‘is it blue’ ‘no’ then the next question she asked was ‘is it orange?’ man she was about to go through the rainbow. Both of them failed miserably. So BB helped them with clues, that weren’t that helpful until he said it was chrome, and even that clue didn’t help them. Alice was kinda stupid, after the chrome clue, she asked ‘is it multi coloured?’ T_T STUPID HOUSEMATES!! Terri was awesome. She was really obsessed with the sink. Even BB picked it up. ‘Is it on the sink?’ ‘No’ ‘Is it under the sink?’ ‘NO’ ‘Is it in the sink?’ ‘No’ You could clearly see te housemates failing. So BB gave them the first and last letters, which were H and P….and guess what…Alice asked ‘does the word being with H and E?’ Lol….Big brother corrects her and then Terri asks something similar as well…stupid really. After a few more questions, Terri was daring enough to guess, and she guessed ‘Hoop.’ Ok answer but not quite correct. She got slimed and Alice was crowned the WINNER!

Now Alice is head of the house…and yay she chooses Nobbi to take in the house. How nice 🙂

Bottom Three at the moment are Bianca, David and Nathan! Time to see what Nobbi and Alice are chatting about!