This episode did not reveal much about Chizuko and her family. This episode mainly focused on Chizuko being accepted into Twenty’s Crew.

Twenty Faces and his gang escape to an abandoned tank on an island. The crew are surprised that Chizuko has been allowed to be one of them, but they have issues with her doing nothing. They expect her to carry heavy boxes. With great will, Chizuko moves a heavy box using bottles as wheels and pushing the box against over the bottles. She’s smart but her physical strength fails her as she collapses. Chizuko recovers for a bit before they need to escape. The police arrive on the island, then storm the tank, to just find out Twenty’s crew is not there.Yet again Twenty Faces and crew escape via the airship, and leave a big lasting impression on the island, leaving it in ruins.

They escape to China, and they settle down at their headquarters. They unload, and Twenty Faces meets up with Chen, an acquaintance providing information and general help. This time round, Chen suggests to steal the mirror of Xi Taihou from a ‘pig.’ The reason for this is that there is a party at the ‘pig’s’ place so that security will be less. That doesn’t sound very right to me. You would expect to have more security at big events…but anyway Twenty Faces chooses to steal the mirror despite his comrades saying its dangerous etc. For the mission, only Ken, Skipper and Twenty are going. However, Chizuko with her YOUNG AND CUTE FACE OF HER asks Twenty if she can go…and he gladly allows her, despite some disagreements. In her heart, she wants to be with Twenty. Learn more about him. I sense ADOPTION!

Next we see Ken creating a distraction, attracting more attention that he needs to. Gunfire pound near his feet as he runs, spot lights light him up. He runs like a crazy lunatic! Meanwhile, Twenty has gone into the place where the mirror is kept, only to find out it was a trap set by Chen. Twenty had Chen by then gun but was beaten by predictability of Chen. Anyway, Chen opens the box holding the mirror, the ground shakes a bit before the ground opens like a bridge and drops everyone down to their doom. Luckily for Twenty, he saw through this and somehow escapes death =o. As he takes the mirror, an alarm goes off, telling security to go to the room. In a few seconds, Ken and Twenty meet up somehow and then run back to the car, where Skipper and Chizuko are waiting.

They get away with one of those flashy cars again…only to be chased. The chase soon ends when Ken shoots the pursuers wheels. During the chase, incoming fire breaks all the windows. It would seem Twenty got shot somewhere in the car chase. Anyway Skipper,Ken, Twenty (will be referred as 20 from now on) and Chizuko drive into a town that’s kinda of evil…death glaring the four of them…

They only realise 20 is shot when Chizuko’s blood is dyed red. A woman who speaks Japanese comes to their aid, providing her residence to allow 20 to recover. They settle in the residence before Ken and Skipper head out to get help from the crew. Meanwhile, Chizuko is in charge of taking care of 20. The lady didn’t really seem sus at all until she went outside to talk to a man wanting to kill 20. She’s told to keep up the pretentious act before they come. She does as she is told but to her amazement, 20 is ready to leave. Unable to stop 20, she grabs Chizuko and puts a gun against her head. O knows. What will Twenty do. Well what has happened is that Chizuko has stolen all the bullets out of the gun. The woman grabs for another gun, which happens to be in the hands of 20. She is busted. A call from outside alerts them that the crew has apprehended the bounty hunters. ‘Keeping one’s ear open and listening carefully is the art of the thief’ As Chizuko and 20 leave the house, it is revealed that 20 is dedicating his life to Chizuko.

Chizuko is commended on her good efforts of saving 20 from death. The crew finally approve of Chizuko being in the crew. Her intelligence seems to be of great use. Earlier in the episode, we see Chizuko chucking a rock at a target, but compltely missing. Now she chucks a dagger at a target and she hits. =] We’re going to see lots of change in Chizuko.

Nothing much revealed. Just fingers crossed that more is revealed. I do predict that they will go steal more stuff, with Chizuko showing more of her talent and skills..or even her weaknesses =p