Big Brother is awesome this year. Big Brother has new attitude! And I’ve watched it ever since it started this year. Weird bunch of housemates. They are actually alright eventhough I considered them to be retarded in the first place.

Anyway what i like about this year’s Big Brother are the extra twists they have.  This year, we have the Housemate Grenade that are lets say ‘commands’ that evicted housemates can give to certain housemates. So far, we’ve had Terri, the 52yrold granny chuck the grenade on Nobbi…banishing him from the Big Brother house indefinitely (it means basically forever for you people with a brain capacity of Brigitte.) This forced him into the Kombi van in the garden. He was complaining about it for a few weeks. People got sick of it but I guess most people would whine about it. It has been funny when Nobbi’s just run back into the house, just to cop himself window cleaning. But the best thing was that Terri, who was evicted first day…was allowed back into the house as a ‘house guest.’ Nobbi, was not impressed at all with her re entrance. I remember the damn 1minute censor…it was just plain hilarious. Nobbi is so awesome.

Anyway the second hand grenade was thrown by Saxon, the first Sunday Night Evictee. This grenade was different to Terri’s, in which he was able to take away all the items from a housemate. It meant taking all clothes, toiletries etc except the ones they were wearing. Chucked on the spoiled brat as we know as Brigette. Yes she’s had the biggest sook about it for AGES. It’s lasted ever since she got it….people have lent her clothes…she should be happy. Then her ‘only friend’ Rebecca got evicted. This caused Brigitte to completely break down. The only half decent thing she’s done in the house after the grenade was her making a pillow slip shirt with heart shapes and stuff. I commend her on doing it. Even Carson liked it.Some other amusing things she did in the past few weeks. Not talk to BB and have Dixie as her ‘representative.,’ try to starve herself to death until she got her clothes back…hehe she gave into a cone. Sleeping in the Diary room only to be told to get out. She sleeps all day, talks to no one….she’s boring now.

Only just recently was she given the chance to get some of her items back by ‘looking through rose coloured glasses.’ I’ve never heard of the idiom before but it made sense when she started acting really fake on today’s daily show.  Big Brother gave Brigitte ‘rose coloured glasses’ to wear, and if she completed his task, she would be rewarded. Some comments of hers included ‘You made many mistakes Travis but it’s ok.’ Previously she would’ve gone…’you’ve got it all wrong.’  Some of the comments were plain stupid. I think it was Rory who said to her ‘I don’t like your attitude.’ And she replies with ‘I like it that you don’t like my attitude.’ Fun to laugh at but seriously…stupid Brigitte. Anyway, the other housemates including Nobbi (YAY!) and without Brigittewent into the diary room to decide what items Brigitte should have returned. After the versade Brigitte had on, most of the housemates were not impressed with what Big Brother made her do. Rory was very adamant about not giver her anything back. His case was something along the lines ‘She’s not learning anything if she just acts nice.’ Other housemates have similar views. Some supporting the view regarding other housemates suffering from the grenades (Nobbi and Dixie,who i will talk about later) and how they get over it and stuff. Most housemates want her to learn a lesson. Brigitte, being a girl who has been ‘ daddy this daddy that’ should know the harsh realities of life. I agree with this. Dixie was like the only person defending Brigitte, saying that Brigitte has blisters on her feet and stuff. In the end, the housemates were supposed to give a unifed decision but was unable to, so head of the house, Alice chose to give Brigitte some comb and hair product…couldn’t really see what it was. Generous of her. I would’ve given Brigitte shoes..since she should exercise 😀 The funny thing about this whole thing was that Brigitte was watching the housemates. So when the others came out, she immediately started bitching. YAY! Hmmm..Brigitte had a really big cry about housemates to bigbrother. The other housemates had a big bitch session, which i commend them on doing ^^! Bitching is awesome.

About the 3rd housegrenade, thrown by Rebecca. She gave it to Dixie who was forced to be the laundry lady forever! Dixie willingly accepted her grenade. Really hilarious. Dixie was not pissed at all when she was presented with it. She acted so cool. She went into the diary room so she could send a message to Rebecca. Most of what she said was really cheerful and happy, but it had a bit of a sarcastic tone.  Anyway Dixie hasn’t sooked about it since!

Today i had KFC, got my i got access to Twister Diaries. Yay^^! Scabbed Ed’s and Raymond’s codes as well, so i have 3 chances of winning 10k tomorrow night…or sunday night. Forgot which night they reveal the winners. I’ve only seen 2 diaries but i’ll get around watching them all.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s Friday Night Live. Still hoping for Terri to win! Always rooting for Nobbi in FNL, after winning….many dollars in Zimbabwe currency…