What made me come across this series was BONES studio. Yes they are producing this anime. I am quite late starting it, like 6episodes behind but I’ll catch up in the next few days. This anime is adapted from a manga by Shinji Ohara. Anyway, I’m interested in how BONES will tackle adapting manga into anime.. since they are also doing Soul Eater, which is also adapted.

Anyway, the first sequence was an introduction to the notorious ‘Twenty Faces’ thief. Many police are hired to protect this ‘music box’ in this rich guy’s mansion. We see a room filled with at least 5police man with the rich guy and a detective(Kawada) who thinks ‘Twenty Faces’ will come and steal the music box. The rich guy and Kawada talk about ‘Twenty Faces’ until smoke fills the room from the most weird places…eg helm of suit of armour..however that works but yes rich guy tells a policeman to hold the box…and out of the blue that policeman happens to be twenty faces. Woah was my reaction!! And then the roof is lifted….by a helicopter helping twenty faces and twenty faces makes his run. He’s seen walking on top of air..which makes me wonder..what the hell..then the police attempt to shoot him but fail because their bullets have been taken by twenty faces himself…and at the end, he’s being sucked up into the air like a UFO. STRANGE! Makes you wanna watch doesn’t it 🙂 And for a bit of humour, the roof goes back into its original place, and piles of treasure fall out…yes the rich bastard is busted..there’s some justice.

We then get introduced to Chizuko, a young girl who’s around 13-14years of age(actually 11…man i suck at guessing). She’s not happy with what she has…seriously…a big house…A BUTLER…what more can she ask… She goes emo at dinner. yada yada…get the point. What’s so interesting about her is that she’s into Detective novels. Seems she has interest in ‘Twenty Faces’ as she looks pleased when she sees a newspaper article about the notorious thief. She wants to get away from her home… somehow

The next scene involves Kawada and Tora,who seems to be a criminal…yea they talk to each other but Tora threatens him to get Kawada to spit out information. Scene shifts back to the house where the butler Kawai gives a suspicious letter with no return address to Chizuko’s mum. Chizuko’s mum then gives Kawai orange juice to bring to Chizuko. She didn’t bother reading the letter. Kawai enters Chizuko’s room to find out Chizuko is unwell…and he also finds out she wants to do the things ‘Twenty Faces’ does. Twenty Faces doesn’t hurt people when he steals. He/She goes all over the world.=] Anyway Chizuko collapses, gets checked up by a doctor. She’s fine…parents are worried,offer her some porridge…then we find out that her guardians..who we thought would be her parents..were actually her uncle and aunty.. the uncle being Chizuko’s dad. o snap! Anyway, Chizuko’s been reading too much detective stuff..and realises that her uncle and aunty have put some poison crap into porridge that they just gave her…

<—There’s the butler..the old man..look at the next picture

hmmmmm and then some moustache fell onto the ground..and WHAT DO WE SEE Twenty Faces comes out of the butler costume..Twenty Faces looks pretty awesome..but we dont even know that it’s his real face! Anyway i would like to point out he has a lightning bolt hair sticking out..just like Harry Potter does. Anyway. I Don’t know how the hell he got into the house…seriously im confused..he goes ‘I take treasure from those who do not deserve it’ something along those lines…and then suggests that Chizuko is a ‘treasure’ so he offers her to come with him…yes…so weird seriously….anyway Chizuko runs to him and yay. The guardians are too ‘shocked’ to go after Twenty Faces…anyway good thing twenty faces took the family heirbloom, which also seems high value! its shiny! The irony of the whole scene was at the end. The letter that the Aunt received was an ‘Early Warning’ from Twenty Faces. Foolish lady! Now that’s a lesson to be learnt, read letters, may they be from anyone..it could do you some good. Good humour i thought.

Anyway next scene is Twenty Faces and Chizuko being chased by many policecars in their stylish beetle looking car…im so crap with cars so excuse me for not describing it better. I can’t believe Twenty Faces cares about people not getting owned..he assures Chizuko that the police won’t get owned and blah blah. On this road, they are chased by 9cars and then they get saved by twenty’s accomplices who just unroll many huge pipes to block the police cars….yea…. they hope in the car and they try to get away, until Tiger jumps from the top of a bridge to their car and pew pews the front window…and blocks Twenty’s view of driving…im here thinking…how to drive when someone’s in your face. However, Tiger is forced off the car thorough the massive drifting. yay our heroes are safe,,,but then Tiger gg owns some motorcycle thats still chasing and shooots pew pew rockets that miss horribly. Anyway, they continue their game of tag onto train tracks, where its so damn obvious some trains gonnna come and crash the crap out of them….i was hoping for something really flashy..like the car flipping on its side to dodge the incoming train..but their air ship, which we saw at the start of the episode comes in to take them out. Tiger still chases them on the moterbike…yea he tries to grab on the ladder that the others escape with but fails…and it seems he gets owned by the train…it would seem he had no chance to escape..but you know how things go…we haven’t seen the last of him. He’s gonna end up looking very fugly when we see him next time.

My thoughts on this. This episode was a good watch. I’m interested in how Twenty Faces pulls off all these heists. I wanna know how he walked on air… there’s so many things that you wanna know after watching this episode. Who is Twenty Faces? Is he Chizuko’s dad? Possibly…Will Tiger survive? Yes no doubt…What’s gonna happen to Chizuko’s aunt and uncle? What happened to her parents? What the hell will Chizuko do in her new life? Where will Twenty Faces go next? So many questions and the only we we can find out is to watch ^^!

The animation is simple and detailed. The way i like it. The music seems pretty cool. Its jazzy, and when put with this style of anime, its perfect. I hope more is to come. I can’t wait to watch the next ep.