Sword of The Stranger is an animated feature film produced by Bones studio, the most awesome anime studio. Producers of Darker Than Black, Eureka Seven, Wolf’s Rain and Full Metal Alchemist…and many more. So why not watch Sword of the Stranger.

Sword of the Stranger follows the story of a nameless foreigner swordsman, called 名無し(Nanashi-literally no name.) Meeting a boy called Kotarou and escorting him back to his village was not the only thing Nanashi was originally hired for. Ming Dynasty people are after the boy for his blood to make an immortality drug. Among the people after the boy is the protagonist Rarou, a skilled golden haired foreigner swordsman.

Anyway enough of the dodgy synopsis. I hope you understand what I summarised without spoiling anything. My thoughts on the movie. The opening scene was simply amazing. The music, the mood created by the rain, the animation, contributed to the success of the opening scene. The fighting in the first scene was just the beginning of what was on offer. Bloody at first, but when you see the other scenes, you’ll say massacre! So much detail is put into the fight scenes, as expected of Bones. The story line is typical but most people like it anyway. I don’t know if its me or the mandarin used in the movie was pretty dodgy. It just sounds really weird to me, even though I’m not mando.

It’s up to you guys to watch. I recommend watching it. It’s a good movie, better than the Naruto movies by far. Its Bones Studio so =] you should watch it