Rolo and Lelouch

First review for me. Episode 7 follows the events of Lelouch’s attempt to save her sister. His failure and realisation of Nunally’s motives makes Lelouch kind of ‘give up’ being Zero. Lelouch is pretty much sad this whole episode until he leads the Black Knights again. Nunally declares Area 11 again, and everyone is shocked!

The Black Knights are wondering where the hell Zero is. Lelouch is all sad because he realises his fight is in Nunally’s hand. So then he gets bored and lonerises himself in a carriage. He cries a bit more. You get the gist.

Lelouch talks to Karen and Rolo about what they should do. Lelouch still being a sad and bitchy. Suzaku and the navy find a ship, which happens to have the Black Knights in it. Black Knights stage an escape while the navy pew pews them with missiles and other mini submarine looking things. Lelouch comes to the rescue and co-ordinates everything and like always owns everything. Then he dresses up and accepts Nunally’s proposed Area 11 thing.

Overall episode was ok.

I know crappy reviewing. I don’t really pay attention to detail but from now on expect better XD And note the crappy screencaps. Still getting used to WordPress and all. Expect better in the future!